Author Topic: Sermon #813 - The Privileged Man  (Read 114 times)


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Sermon #813 - The Privileged Man
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Sermon #813 - The Privileged Man

Delivered On Sunday Morning, May 31, 1868,
By C. H. Spurgeon,
At The Metropolitan Tabernacle, Newington

“Then Washed I You With Water; Yes, I Thoroughly Washed Away Your Blood From You, And I Anointed You With Oil. I Clothed You Also With Embroidered Work, And Shod You With Badgers’ Skin, And I Girded You About With Fine Linen, And I Covered You With Silk. I Adorned You Also With Ornaments, And I Put Bracelets Upon Your Hands, And A Chain On Your Neck. And I Put A Jewel On Your Forehead, And Earrings In Your Ears, And A Beautiful Crown Upon Your Head. Thus Were You Decked With Gold And Silver; And Your Raiment Was Of Fine Linen, And Silk, And Embroidered Work; You Did Eat Fine Flour, And Honey, And Oil: And You Were Exceedingly Beautiful, And You Did Prosper Into A Kingdom. And Your Renown Went Forth Among The Heathen For Your Beauty For It Was Perfect Through Your Comeliness, Which I Had Put Upon You, Says The Lord God.”
Ezekiel 16:9-14.